Specialized lawyers in public procurement law

Nowadays, there is an increasing number of EU regulations in the field of public procurement. We provide legal support services in the field of national and international public procurement law, including the application of the EU directives and the German regulations.
In addition, we advise national and international bidders in every phase of a project. One aspect of our day-to-day business is the legal and strategic support in complex public procurement proceedings and comprehensive advice throughout the award processes.

We work for a diverse range of clients across various sectors including:

    • Civil engineering
    • Roadworks and above-ground constructions
    • Supply of pharmaceuticals and medical technology
    • Information Technology (IT)
    • Procurement in the security sector
    • Industrial cleaning and sanitation
    • Procurement in the health sector

Sustainable solutions for companies

Our team has the essential in-depth understanding and practical procurement experience to be able to provide our clients with innovative and sustainable solutions. We will help you to cooperate legally and securely with other companies and provide you with the maximum of legal possibilities to winning contracts. We also include political and commercial issues and therefore offer pragmatic suggestions in each individual case.

Engaging with the authorities right from the start of the process and striving for a consensus-orientated advice are important to us. Hereby, it is possible to avoid long proceedings before the administrative courts. We are experts at resolving procurement disputes without the need for legal proceedings to become publicly known. But if necessary, we will represent you in all stages of proceedings before the administrative courts.

Key contact

Dr. Christoph Kins
Managing Partner

+49 (0)341 / 910 284 05